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Drumblade & Walkerville Area 

You have discovered the idyllic little retreat of only 140 plots and a handfull of farms nestled around the foot of the Perdeberg Mountain. 

We enjoy a carefree, rural lifestyle and most residents have lived here for decades. Pretty much everyone knows everyone else and thats what makes us such a tight-knit little community. Drumblade has a active Conservancy and Community Watch.

Drumblade is our "Little piece of Heaven" 

Unknown to all but those that have the privilege of living here, the weekend cyclists and the occasional motorist who wanders in from the highway, looking for a shortcut to Walkerville or Kliprivier, we have been truly blessed with a wonderful lifestyle, less than 30 min away from Johannesburg

We knew the rest of the world would discover us sooner or later, we sort of hoped it would take them another twenty years to do so. No doubt, like us, once they are here they will never want to leave this beautiful area again

Drumblade is a suburb of the greater Walkerville district. Both areas have a long history dating back to the early 1800's.

To read more about the region, visit www.walkervillesa.co.za / www.drumblade.co.za

And then there is the Suikerbosrand Nature reserve for day walks & cycling, or v
isit Gold Reef City.